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How do you want to start your career in esports

(Not as a pro player) 

In the space of a single decade, esports has grown from being about small LAN parties to massive arenas full of spectators and players. With the 2019 League of Legends World Championship raking up to 3.9M viewers worldwide, the highest prize pool goes to DOTA2 The International with a whopping USD 40M total prize pool. But how do you join this fast pace industry? 


Quick on your wits and high charisma? Good news for you, you can be a caster. It might sound like a simple job, but you are responsible for hyping the crowd and delivering impactful content in real-time as the game progresses. It is helpful if you have a unique angle and marketable quality to make you stand out from the rest.


As the esports industry grows, so too does the demand for all kinds of esports-related content. Everything from entertaining replay analysis to esports website copy can be undertaken by a knowledgeable esports fan with a flair for the written word or for graphic design. Also, you can stand alone as a content creator on social media platforms such as YouTube.


Players are the key for each team, but behind them are the coaches that push them to their limits and beyond. Like any football team, their success also lies in the capability of their coach. If you think that you have strong leadership, this is the best role for you.


Any esports tournament must have a good production team to make the magic happen. So, if you have the skills or the experience for production, anything from the camera crew, directing, and event technician personnel. This is your time to shine, tho it might take some time for you to adapt from a normal mainstream media production to esports-based production. 


Eventually, you can resort to building your own esports stadium. This will require the highest amount of budget and restrictions due to COVID-19, but as more esports-related events pop up. Having a good place and sufficient equipment to hold an esports tournament would land you in a bright future. 


By Farhanis

December 10, 2021


What can we do for cyber Cafe owners?

 It goes by many names, Internet cafePC bangsNet cafe, or Esports Centers. A cybercafe is a place that provides services for the Internet, plays games, creates documents, chat with friends using voice and video, and does other computer-related tasks. At most Internet cafes, computer and Internet access are provided for an hourly or daily fee.

    Due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, these types of businesses are hugely affected, to some extent have to close their business. Those who are still running have to adhere to strict social distancing, reducing the capacity of customers to half of their original count. To combat these issues, some businesses offer their hardware for rental to be used at home. Could there be any solution to this problem? Fortunately, platforms such as iGG Esports Center Management Systems have come to a solution! 

   We have a built-in Crypto mining system for idle PCs that are not utilized. On top of that, by incorporating with its iGG Arena 2.0, for home users, Cybercafes can still profit when their customers are playing at their own home.

By the end of the day, a cyber cafe is not just a simple place where people go to do their work and play games. It is also a place where people can commune and get together. Events such as competitions and social functions might be challenging during this time, where it was a norm back then. For areas where social gatherings and offline tournaments are allowed, to draft and craft these events is a big hassle, while having a helping hand in doing so makes all the difference. 

  Therefore, iGG Arena is dedicated to providing holistic solutions for the esports industries, from events to even esports center management solutions. To understand more about our offered packages, give us a buzz on our social media, and stay tuned for more upcoming events. 


By Vincent

December 3, 2021

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